Romano's Appliance Repair

Romanos Appliance Repair Insights

Most Common Repairs

The most frequent issues seen are refrigerators not cooling properly, washers leaking, and ovens not heating right. Problems with compressors, pumps, and heating elements often are the culprit. Dishwashers not cleaning dishes thoroughly are also very common service calls.

Biggest Repair Challenges

Refrigerator sealed system repairs involving refrigerant recharging are very tricky and best left to experts. Also, diagnosing intermittent electrical failures can seem technical, as it takes patience and testing during the act of malfunctioning to pinpoint the root cause.

Essential Education and Training

Romanos appliance repairs stresses that an appliance repair education, hands-on training, and manufacturer certifications are extremely valuable. Multi-meter usage, understanding schematics, and troubleshooting methodology are key skills that take dedicated training. 

Top Tips for Customers

Romanos appliance repairs #1 tip for customers is to keep appliances clean and maintained. Preventative care like regularly cleaning coils, changing filters, etc. can significantly extend the life of appliances. In addition, customers must always consult an expert before attempting DIY as the appliance can further be damaged if not done properly.

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