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Common Appliance Repair Scams that Customers should watch out for

When a necessary appliance repair pops up, it can be a stressful and vulnerable time. Unfortunately, a few dishonest repair companies prey on customers in these situations, using unethical scams to cheat them.

While most technicians are trustworthy, you should be aware of some common deceitful practices that shady repair services employ.

Keep your eyes open for these potential appliance repair scams:
  • Overcharging for Labor and Parts

One scheme is inflating the number of hours needed for a repair job, resulting in excess labor fees. Some also charge for new parts when only cleaning or minor fixes were required. Protect yourself by checking for fair market rates.

  • Unneeded Repairs and Replacements

Some dishonest repairmen will recommend unnecessary replacements or refurbishing that a device doesn’t really need. For example, saying you need a new motor when just replacing a belt would do. Don’t let them replace working parts.

  • Bait-and-Switch Pricing

Furthermore, some dishonest companies will lure you in with a deceptively low estimate over the phone just to secure your business. However, upon arriving and taking apart the appliance, they will subsequently jack up the actual price substantially higher once they have you cornered. Do not fall for this bait-and-switch pricing scam. Instead, be sure to demand a comprehensive written estimate before authorizing any repairs to lock in pricing upfront.

  • Intimidation Tactics

Moreover, some repairmen resort to high pressure scare tactics, such as refusing to put your appliance back together until you consent to costly additional repairs that they insist are “recommended.” Stand your ground firmly – do not let them intimidate or coerce you into approving unnecessary services. Instead, reiterate that you will only pay for the repairs you authorized originally.

  • Shoddy Workmanship

Some repair shops use cheap aftermarket parts and cut corners that lead to early failure of repairs. Only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts from authorized servicers who provide warranties on their workmanship.

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Romano’s Appliance Repair says:

Safeguard yourself by thoroughly researching any appliance repair company prior to hiring them. Read online reviews to look for concerning patterns. Listen to your instincts – if a company seems excessively pushy about unnecessary services, treat it as a red flag. Carefully vet all options to weed out any dishonest repair technicians. The time invested upfront can help you avoid becoming the victim of a scam. Contact us today for your quality appliance repair.

FAQs about Appliance Repair Scam

Don't authorize any new charges without approval. Ask questions about charges before and after repairs.

Don't allow parts replacements unless you can verify they are absolutely needed. Get to clarify and be sure extensive repairs are required.

Insist on a written estimate before approving any work. Confirm if the estimate is binding or subject to change. Beware extremely lowball phone estimates.


Yes, tactics like saying the appliance is unsafe, grossly exaggerating issues, or refusing to reassemble the appliance until you approve their recommended repairs.

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