Appliance Testing to Confirm Successful Repairs

You have finally gotten your faulty appliance repaired. However, one may wonder how to be sure that the repair technician fixed it correctly. Subsequently, tips will be provided on testing appliances after service calls to ensure repairs were properly done. They include:

Operational Testing

Initially, the appliance should be turned on and all normal functions tested. It should be ensured that the refrigerator cools properly, lights activate, and dispensers function. Regarding ovens, even heating and normal control operations should be verified.

Simulate Failure

First, the original malfunction should be attempted to be replicated after repairs. For example, an overloaded spin cycle could be tested. Additionally, the oven could be heated to very high temperatures and these tests should be done carefully and safely. Caution needs to be taken not to damage any components as the intent is to verify that the previous failure does not happen again after repairs. Finally, if the malfunction does recur, then additional diagnosis and repair may be required.

Safety Checks

Inspect repair areas for leaks, loose components, frayed wires, or anything that could represent a safety hazard if not properly handled.

Monitor Over Time

Observe appliance over the next several weeks during regular use to ensure no previous symptoms like intermittent shutting off return, indicating an underlying issue still lingers.

Independent Diagnosis

Consider getting a second opinion from a different technician to independently validate repairs were performed successfully and completely.

Ask the Repair Company

Reputable companies will often have their own internal testing and quality control checks. Inquire about their repair verification process for assurance.

While most technicians do complete repairs properly, it never hurts to take steps to test appliance functionality yourself or seek professional confirmation repairs were done thoroughly and your appliance is restored safely. You can contact us to confirm that your appliance is fully functional.

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